Top 20 Australian Fashion Bloggers 2022

Top 20 Australian Fashion Bloggers 2022
Top 20 Australian Fashion Bloggers 2022

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends, beauty products, and fitness routines, you’ll love getting to know Australia’s hottest group of bloggers and influencers. Full of tips, advice, and inspiration, they’re the ones you’ll look forward to in your Instagram feed!

Whether you live in Australia or across the globe, you’ll be captivated:

Top 20 Australian Fashion Bloggers 2022

Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein is a travel and fashion blogger from Australia that advocates for extremely rare chromosome disorders across her social media platforms, including her blog, Tuula Vintage.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and check out her popular blog.

Nicole Warne

Australian Nicole Warne is a leading digital influencer with a global audience of over 2.3 million and the founder of Gary Pepper, a blog filled with beauty, and style advice, as well as her travels around the globe.

Subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Amanda Shadforth

Known for impeccable style and a unique creative skill set, Amanda Shadforth is the director of Oracle Fox, a premium fashion and style destination full of carefully curated content.

Follow her on InstagramFacebook, and check out her blog here.

Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is an Australian YouTuber who loves all things beauty and makeup, so it’s fitting that her popular channel is centered around all things beauty, from makeup and product tutorials to shopping hauls and advice.

Check out her YouTube channel and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

Chloe Morello

Along with her mum Julie, Chloe Morello shares her beauty & fashion looks, as well as daily inspiration & makeup tips on her self-titled YouTube channel, uploading new videos every week!

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Sara Crampton

In 2008, Sara Crampton launched her blog Harper  and Harley, making her one of the pioneering style bloggers in Australia. She follows a ‘less is more’ philosophy, and her blog has become a destination for timeless wardrobe essential inspiration and elevated minimalism.

Follow her on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, and subscribe to her blog here.

Micah Gianneli

Micah Gianneli is a prominent Australian digital influencer and fashion blogger the delivers quality content across her platforms with a cool sense of confidence. She has worked with some of the fashion, beauty, automotive and lifestyle industry’s biggest names, as well as modeling for big campaigns such as Windsor Smith’s A/W 2016 collection and Nasty Gal’s Shoe Cult range.

Subscribe to her website and YouTube channel, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram,

Helen Janneson Bense

Helen Janneson Bense was a biomedical naturopath and healer for over 15 years. Now residing in Western Australia, she uses her travel, style, and inspirational blog, GypsyLovinLight, as a loving space for all to share, inspire and be inspired.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to check out her blog.

Brooke Testoni

Brooke is a stylist, writer, producer and creative director that’s been in the fashion industry for over a decade. She’s funneled her experience and knowledge into her popular blog and across her platforms, giving her followers a look into her distinctive style for inspiration and advice.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to subscribe to her influential blog.

Tash Sefton & Elle Ferguson

Based in Sydney, best friends Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are the brains behind TheyAllHateUs, a trailblazing, and much imitated online fashion destination that shares all of the must-have pieces, ‘it’ items, and desirable interiors we drool over. Just as exciting, every month they edit down the world of fashion to the 10 lust-worthy pieces they love, have bought and live in and make them available for immediate purchase on their shop fashion page.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to check out their website and online store.

Kaitlyn Ham

Blogger Kaitlyn Ham is a minimalist that enjoys classic, monochromatic looks with a modern twist. Follow her blog, Modern Legacy for her latest looks and fashion advice.

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Carmen Hamilton

Carmen Hamilton is a blogger and style influencer that founded Chronicles of Her in 2011. It has become a daily destination for real style in real life for women in Australia and across the globe. She’ll teach you cool fashion & beauty tricks, inspire with daily outfit choices, and chat about things you’re dying to know about.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog here.

Nadia Bartel

With over 10 years experience in advertising and publishing, Nadia Bartel founded her blog Chronicles of Nadia in 2012. While it started as a fashion blog, it has grown into a go-to lifestyle destination and comprehensive fashion resource for women who want to look good and feel empowered in their professional and personal lives.

Subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Kate Waterhouse

Kate is a journalist, media personality, television presenter and radio talent that is also the director and founder of Currently an ambassador for Lexus Australia and Gordon’s Gin and represented by RGM Artists Management, her blog is a go-to fashion destination in Australia, with Kate reporting on fashion, trends, beauty and lifestyle as well as featuring candid celebrity interviews.

Subscribe to her blog, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Lisa Hamilton

A lifelong lover of fashion, Lisa Hamilton originally created an Instagram account back in 2011 to share her travels with friends and follow bloggers across North America and Europe. To her surprise, she gained a following, and her blog See Want Shop (SWS) quickly followed. Check out her blog for everything from green smoothie recipes and styling her favorite pair of mum jeans to guiding you through her fave LA brunch spots.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog here.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Melanie started her blog, The Tia Fox, in 2014 as a passion project while she worked a full-time corporate job. Since then, her platform has grown into a full-time profession. She travels the world to curate authentic and unique experiences to share with her readers.

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Tara Whiteman

Tara Whiteman is a creative from Sydney, Australia that is dedicated to documenting her daily lifestyle on her blog, Tara Milk Tea. It includes her latest travel adventures, showcased through food, places, and people, with a kaleidoscope of colorful images, as she seeks out the most beautiful and brightest places around the world.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog, Tara Milk Tea, here.

Helen Chik

While Helen Chik has a double degree in actuarial studies and applied finance, she wasn’t fulfilled. That’s why she rebranded her former site and created a new blog to share her thoughts, inspirations, and experiences with all things pertaining to fashion, lifestyle, and travels.

Subscribe to her blog, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Nikkia Joy

Nikkia Joy is an Australian makeup artist and beauty blogger that teaches her YouTube followers tips and tricks on how to apply makeup, beauty & skin care product recommendations and ways to save money on makeup!

Subscribe to her popular YouTube channel, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Gabrielle Grace Epstein

Gabrielle Epstein is an Australian model and influencer that creates vlogs on her YouTube channel that focus on fashion and travel, with topics that include clothing hauls, swimsuit reviews, and travels around the world.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and check her YouTube channel weekly for new video uploads here.

Who are your favorite bloggers from Australia?

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.

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