Lil Uzi vert – Credit (Thank Her) Mp3 Download

Lil Uzi vert - Credit (Thank Her) Mp3 Download
Lil Uzi vert – Credit (Thank Her) Mp3 Download

Lil Uzi vert – Credit (Thank Her) Mp3 Download

Talented rapper and award winning singer known as Lil Uzi vert has drop a new music single titled Credit (Thank Her) and it is here for free Mp3 Download

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Credit (Thank Her)* Lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet

But I should really thank her
What type of diamonds on your bitch? You know I pinked her
Got a Cuban link on me, I ain’t McRangsta
But I’m not talkin’ ’bout Cuban links so don’t act gangster
I don’t wife none of these hoes, no, I can’t save her
Put your number in my phone but I won’t save you
Oh, you think that I’m a player
He ain’t gettin’ money, he a hater

Y’all niggas ain’t ever have to struggle before
Now y’all have to warm me up, like
I see pain in your eyes every time you fuck me, yeah
And I know you lie when you said you trust mе, yeah
It’s Lil Uzi Vert (Yeah), I can feel it (I can feel it)
Why you still hеre if I’m fuckin’ up your image? (Up your image)
‘Cause you okay but I know I can do it better, yeah (Uh, better)

I can buy a better bitch just off of credit (Yeah), uh
I just bought a Lamborghini off of debit (Yeah), uh
I just found my opp location off of Reddit (Cash), uh
I just bought some Chrome Heart jeans just like they selvage (Uh)
I been gettin’ my dick sucked since I was seven, yeah (Uh)

Crosses on my jeans and my crosses leather, yeah (Ayy)
Bitch, I’m known to ball, I’m not playin’ tether, yeah (Uh-huh)
I like lots of, cheese, swiss, and mozzarella, yeah
I like provolone but cheddar’s way better, yeah (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Now tell me, do gangsters really go to Heaven? Yeah (Yeah)
If we really do, need to cut a check to my reverend, yeah (Let’s go)
I wanted me a Rollie since I was eleven, yeah (Go)
If you wanna talk about Rollies? Then I got eleven, yeah (Ayy)
Niggas in my city startin’ all the rumors (All the rumors)
I ain’t movin’, bitch I hang with the movers (Look, with the movers)
And I’m gon’ shot my shot ’cause I hang with the shooters, yeah (With the shooters)
Ain’t nobody shot but someone top your medulla, yeah (Your medulla)
Bitch better gimme that top, I can’t promise I’m gon’ do ya…



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