365 Days: This Day Soundtrack (2022)

The soundtrack to 365 Days 2: This Day, a 2022 movie music, tracklist, listen to all of the 34 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 33 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 32 scene descriptions with timelines.

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1.  365 Days – EMO & Marissa
Starting song / Different locations are shown Massimo and Laura meet on a terrace and have an intimate moment before the wedding.


2. Ave Maria – Schubert & Franz
[0:07′] Massimo is waiting at the altar and Laura is led to the altar by her father.

3.  My Girl – Oskar Cyms
[0:09′] Laura and Massimo get married and are being congratulated by their family and friends.

4.  On It – EMO
[0:10′] The newlyweds get in the room. Laura ties Massimo to the chair.

5.  Mi Amor – J. J. Abel Feat. Carla Fernandes
[0:13′] Olga is relaxing in the hot tub and Domenico joins her while holding a rose in his mouth.

6.  If U Like That – Marissa
[0:15′] Laura and Massimo are playing golf and then riding horses.

7. City of Sand – Adam Peters
[0:18′] Domenico has hummus spread on his body and Olga is licking it off.

8.  Don’t Mess With My Mind – EMO
[0:21′] Laura arrives home and has sex with Massimo on the table.

9.  It Feels Like Home – Nairobiee, Kurt Karver, Jim Lord & Aldous Finch
[0:25′] Massimo leaves for work and Laura remains all alone in the bed.

10. Nothing To Loose – Marien
[0:26′] Olga and Laura go for a drive and reach the beach.

11.  You Were In Love – bryska
[0:31′] After the scene where Laura and Massimo argue about his demanding behavior and attitude.

12.  All I Want Is You for Christmas – The Fun Machine
[0:34′] Laura, Massimo and their families are enjoying dinner.

13.  XMAS – Ian Scott
[0:36′] Laura tells Massimo she will give him a special gift.

14.  Promises- EMO
[0:39′] Laura sends Masimo a map of the room she is in and he goes to find her.

15.  Trouble Maker – Marien
[0:45′] Olga and Laura arrive at the clothing store to get new outfits and to talk to the owner about future business.

16.  Voices Of Spring – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Peter Guth
[0:47′] Massimo and Laura attend a ball. Laura is getting bored and tells him she wants to go back home.

17.  Strauss: Wine, Women & Song – Peter Guth & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
[0:49′] Laura is all alone while Massimo is watching her from the balcony.

18.  Quintessence – Bleeding Fingers
[0:50′] Laura sees Massimo leaving with another woman and goes to find him.

19.  Secrets – Natalia Krakowiak
[0:58′] After the scene where Laura’s mom slaps Massimo for hurting her daughter.

20.  Aprile – Compagnia D’Opera Italiana & Antonello Gotta & Stefano Secco
[1:00′] Massimo meets with the woman he supposedly slept with.

21.  Complicated – Ian Scott
[1:02′] Laura watches a movie with Nacho at his house.

22.  Give Me Some Love – TYNSKY
[1:08′] After the scene where Massimo and Domenico talk about Laura. Olga interrupts them angry that they don’t tell her anything.

23.  Eyes On Target – Nexus Trix & Red Earth
[1:11′] While sleeping, a man breaks into Laura’s room but Nacho manages to fight him off.

24.  Good To Me – EMO
[1:15′] Laura and Nacho are having breakfast. After that they go for a drive.

25.  Winter Summer – Jhn McFly Feat. TYNSKY
[1:17′] Nacho and Laura are riding the jet ski. They arrive at the beach and talk.

26. Dos Horas – J. J. Abel Feat. Daniel Rondon & Kuinvi
[1:19′] The two enjoy their date and remain on the beach until sunset.

27.  By Your Side – Marissa
[1:20′] Laura and Nacho’s sister are chatting while Nacho meets with an old man on the beach.

28.  SHOW ME – Ian Scott
[1:23′] Nacho throws Laura into the water and teaches her how to surf without waves.

29.  Never Again – Tommy Docherty
[1:25′] After the scene where Massimo tells Domenico to prepare everyone for leaving, Laura and Nacho are in bed together.

30.  Be Mine (Remix) – Naomi August
[1:27′] Laura remembers the dream she just had. After, she and Nacho have breakfast.

33.  The Calling (EPIX Remix) – The Rigs
[1:29′] After the scene where Nacho tells Laura they have to meet his father but Massimo will also be there.

31. The End – EMO
[1:39′] Laura meets Massimo, but she looks in his eyes and can tell he is not the real one.

32.  Another Day – Michele Morrone
[1:44′] Massimo’s twin brother shoots Laura and Nacho shoots the other woman. Nacho then leaves and Massimo remains with Laura.
End credits

33. I Don’t Care – Khalil

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